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Tantalising Thailand Day 1🇹🇭

Sawasdee Polo’s Poppins!

I am all set to share my experience of trip to Thailand during Christmas vacation. I am going to post day wise blogs where I will be sharing my detailed experiences regarding the food, shopping etc.I would want to curate these blogs which might help people who are planning to visit the country and act as a guide.

In today’s post I am sharing my itinerary of the trip.

We opted for a 5 days 4 nights package by OYO Rooms International.Read my experience with OYO here.


So our to and fro flight was by Thai Airways and I would say the service was pretty good.

26th December:

Our flight was at 1AM from Bangalore.And as it was our first international flight we wanted to reach on time.Anticpatd a lot of traffic due to Christmas,we started at 6 PM by Meru airport taxi however to purchase utter surprise,we reached well in advance by 8:3O PM.

At Kempegowda Airport:

We took a little snacks from CCD. It was the only option there as the authority of the Thai Airways informed that the counter will only open after 9:30PM so we had to wait near the counter.

9:30 onwards the check in started and it was pretty simple.

We had two strollers and each one of us were carrying backpacks. Read what was in my travel bag pack here

Note. Recently Thai Airways increased the limit of luggage to 30 kgs. per person in the Royal Economy class hence we were not so worried.

Then we headed to immigration and the Custom officers were their to verify your travel purpose. The officer uncle asked two or three questions and finally got departure stamp on my passport.

Security check was also quite relaxed and just like domestic travel.

Then we went to the lounge to kill our time as everything was done by 10:30 PM.We had good 2 hours before boarding.

The Bangalore Airport duty free was nothing too fancy and not much to explore.

At around 12:20 the boarding started and finally we started towards destination Bangkok.

At Suvarnabhumi Airport:

We landed in Bangkok around 6:30 AM as per their local time and headed towards the Visa on arrival counters which was madening.So as per the details received from OYO we did fill up an online VOA form however their they insisted us to fill up a hardcopy which was available in the counter along with a VOA card that was handed over by the flight attendants.

And we realized ,Thais don’t understand an English and not so warm and cordial.🙄🙄

We stood in a line which was hella long and there we’re at least 120 people before us. Suddenly we saw that there was one more relatively small queue and after almost 45 minutes of wait, we got to know that with paying extra 200 Baht per person,we can get the Visa early.(Not only it happens only in India 🤨).

So we took that line and the officials informed us that the Thai government exempted the actual visa fees which was 2000 Baht per person as per their promotion of tourism.

Almost after 15 minutes we got our files back (except return flight and passport they didn’t verify anything else) and headed towards customs and got our Visa stamped.

After collection of baggages,we went to phone counter to take tourist Sims and got ourself connected to the rest of world.

We headed towards the exit where representatives from travelbullz was waiting for us with placards bearing our name and they informed us that we will start towards Pattaya by 10AM.

Exactly at 10 we started to Pattaya by Toyota Commutor ( a better version of traveller in India).There we’re a lot of Indians with us.

We stopped for our breakfast at an Indian restaurant called Thali.

The commute was really smooth.However both of us dozed off after sometimes. It took almost 3 hours to reach to our hotel and by 1PM we finally checked in Golden Sea Pattaya .

Its been more than 18 hours that we were out and the hotel room gave is a comfort feeling.

We took nice hot shower and headed out for lunch and took a long cosy nap.


We planned to go out in the evening to explore Pattaya Beach and was informed that the beach is only 15 minutes away from our hotel by walking.

We went out and reached the Pattaya Avenue which was a small mall kind of place with lots of street shops ,food courts etc.

The roads in Pattaya were clean. And There were shady shacks and pubs in every nook and corners.We explored the road side shops which are full of goodies from makeup to shorts and t- shirts to luggages and foot wears.

We headed to the beautiful and clean beach with our drinks and spent the best time together almost for 2 hours.

After spending the most relaxing time,we went to a Punjabi place on the same Beach road and had the most scrumptious Bitter chicken a lotnd nun and headed back to the hotel.Crashd off after a long long long tiring and amazing day!!!!

1st day was great at Pattaya.

Stay put for the next day blog which is coming soon.

Signing off!


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Plan your international trip with OYO Rooms!

Hello Polo’s Poppins!!!

I am super pumped up about this post as I am about to share how I have planned my first international trip to Thailand with OYO rooms.

Well there are few things that you need to have in place before you plan your international trip.

1. Your valid passport

2. Budget that you wanna spent on the trip

3. Do you want to do all by yourself or hire any travel planner?

4.And of course destination

So since 2018 started I wanted to plan an international trip and ticked one in my bucket list.

So we started planning on our budget and decided to go for the trip during Christmas holiday.

My husband and I did quite a lot of research and zeroed down on Bangkok since it is not very expensive and quite a popular destination. On top of that quite a lot of my aquaintances visited Thailand and had good reviews on.

We started planning since July end. Read different blogs and watch d a lot of YT videos to understand about the country. I didn’t want to take any impulsive discision as I wanted a smooth plan.

My husband tried to see the cost of flights and accommodation.And after mapping out the budget,we decided to go with travel planners.

My husband approached lot of travel planners online based on the users review and we received a lot of itinerary and quotation price of the package.

However we decided to go with OYO Rooms who recently started offering international package tours.

And we had really great experience with them. We took the 5 days 4 nights package of Bangkok- Pattaya- Bangkok.

And we had covered everything within our budget. Of course the flight fare and accommodation was a bit on the steeper side as we chose the Christmas time which the season for tourist inflow never the less we had a great experience.

So they basically get you connected with the local travel agency “TravelBullz” in our case and they cover everything from internal transfer to sight seeing.

I hundred % recommend OYO Rooms to plan your international trip next time.

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What’s in my bag- pack(Travel Edition)?🎒

Hola Polo’s Poppins!

Wish you all a very happy New Year!

I promised to post five of my five favorites from 2018 earlier however I couldn’t due to some unavoidable circumstances. However if you still wanna read those posts,let me know in the comment section below,I would love to write for you.

Coming to this one where I want to share what is in my bag when I travel.

I am sure all of you must have plans to travel during this time of the year and what’s better time to share this post when I just came back from my vacation.

I will share details of my trip in my upcoming posts.

So I prefer to carry bag pack over a shoulder bag simply because it is convenient and hassle free while you will have quite a lot of things to carry anyways.

I ordered this simple medium sized bag pack from Amazon Basic. I ordered the color red as it suits my happy mood and the bag was quite sturdy.

It has two compartments. The bigger compartment is again divided into small sections with one zip,one laptop partition and some pockets which are really useful to keep your this game sorted. The front zip was also adequate to keep your wallet and other things. There we’re two small pockets in the sides secured with velcro which was perfect to keep your knick knacks.

Now coming to what all I carry. I prefer to organize everything in separate pouches/bags which comes handy to take out this game from the bag on the go.

1. My wallet with INR and Foreign currency and cards.

2. A zip pouch to keep all the necessary documents as we went for Visa on arrival at the destination country and passport.Now I ordered an organizer from Amazon however it didn’t get delivered on time.So kept everything together.

3. Medicine wallet:

I kept all required medicines including hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent, vaporizer and pain killer spray in this bag.

4.Toilet Pouch:

I have made a detailed post on what I keep in my toilet pouch. You can read here

5. All electronics like my i-pod, head phone, phone and camera chargers,battery power bank,extra meomory card etc.

6.My extra pair of glasses

7. My hairbrush

8. My DSLR camera

9. An extra panty(In case it gets soiled and to avoid unwanted embarrassment), sanitary pads and a small hand towel.

PS. I watched lots of YT video and other posts on what to carry in the carry on bags and quite a lot of people suggested to keep an extra clothe.However I didn’t know that it was so much of requirement until I felt sick in the flight due to some food infection and soiled my trouser.I would highly recommend you to carry an extra pair of pants and a t-shirt.

That’s all I have for you today. Hope this post will help you out in planning your carry on bag for the next trip.

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All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and may not be suitable or preferred by you.

Signing off!



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My Five Favorite Lipsticks of 2018

Hola Polo’s Poppins!

So as per my announcement this is My first post under my five favorite five from this year and what better way to start it with other than my favorite lipsticks.

So in no particular order here comes my favorite lipsticks that I tried this year and absolutely loved it in terms of formula or color.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Allison:

This is the cult liquid lipstick range and the color Allison is a duty mauvy nudish pink!I hope you understand what I am talking right.

It gets a bit darker once it’s dried down. Nevertheless I love the color on me.

The formula is light weight and opaque in one swipe. And stays put for at least 6-7 hours with meal.

2.Lakme Absolute Matte Melt in Vintage Pink:

As the name suggests these are liquid lip in it’s melted form. They glide like a butter. The formula is light weight and texture is really creamy. This particular shade is a muted rosy pink.

They need two layers to get opaque and don’t stay as much as any traditional lipsticks however I don’t complain due to it’s comfortable formula.

3.ColorpopXKathleen Lights Ultra Satin Lip in Dreamy:

I don’t think this will need any explanation on why it made to my favorite lists.Reason is of course Kathleen Lights,one of my favorite YTer. Other reason is Colorpop ,Z brand for make up.

I love the Satin range over the matte range on any given day. The staying power is okayish.

This is a orange toned coral shade.

4.NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment:

I love the dusky mauvy shade with slightly cool purple and grey undertone.

The texture is very mousse like and as the name suggests it gives a very faint color on your lips.

It lasts really long on my lips.

Since I got this shade either I wear it on it’s own or mix on top of any other shade to make them comfortable.

5.NYX Lip Suede in Sandstorm:

I love this lipstick so much for it’s creamy formula. It is opaque in one swipe and lasts really long.

The formula is very comfortable.

I love this color which is nude brown however I love to pair it with a slightly darker lip pencil underneath for better definition.

Special Mention:

Other than these five lipsticks I have a special mention which is a lip liner but as powerful as a Lipstick.

I am talking about the Nykaa Lips don’t Lie lipliner in in the shade Pillow Fight.

It has all the quality as a lipstick.

It has a creamy texture, opaue in in one swipe and really long lasting.

It make any lipstick long lasting if wore underneath.

It is damn comfortable to wear.

This is a peachy nude shade which is perfect to pair with almost all nudes.

So that’s my list guys.

Let me know if you found your favorite too and what are the lipsticks I must try.

I know all are nudes and liquid lips however that’s what I prefer.


All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Signing off!



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Winter Care!☃️

Aloha Polo’s Poppins!

How are you doing?

I am sure all of you are looking forward to the holiday season.

Busy in either preparation of baking that perfect Christmas cake or Creating the party list and decor.

However don’t forget to take care of your skin in this busy schedule as with the chill in the weather, your skin needs that perfect care to give you that perfect glow for all the parties.

In this posts I will be sharing few tips and products that will help you to protect your skin from the harsh winter and you will be able to restore your glowing skin.

I follow pretty much the same routine with some addition or deletion of process or products.

If you want to know the regular morning and night skin care routine,then click here.

Let’s not waste anymore time and jump into the actual post.


The major problem that most of us suffers from during winter is dry flaky skin.I can’t stress enough on exfoliation thoroughly to get rid of this problem. It helps to remove the dead skin and helps the moisturizer to penetrate well.

Use gentle soap with loofah which act as mild exfoliator daily.

For face use gel based scrub like fabindia rose geranium face and body gel scrub

I would recommend you to use any scrub that has gritty texture for body like Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub


Whatever skin type you have,winter means the problem of dryness. Whatever cream we use,it gets absorbed easily and leave our skin dry.

I suggest you to add any type of facial oil to your skin care routine specially at night. Oils give extra nourishment to your skin hence you will get a baby butt like skin in the morning.

Try juicy chemistry rose helichrysum and rosehip serum and your skin will thank you later.

Don’t forget to hydrate your body too. Use any thick body butter or cold pressed coconut oil on your dampen skin to lock the hydration.


Sheet masks does wonder to your skin at this time of the year as they add extra hydration to your skin and of course it’s a hassle free option.

Try the face shop glow getter combo for that winter glow.

To all this external routine try to drink adequate water.Dont skip any winter veggies or fruits as they come with tons of nutrition and amazing for your skin too.

Have a great holiday time.


All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice. None of the links are affiliated and only provided for reference purposes.

Signing off!



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Things I can’t live without- Day 5

Hola Polo’s Poppins!

I was supposed to post this one yesterday however I don’t know why I procrastinated and as a result I couldn’t get it up.

However better late than never.

So here I am today sharing about some things that I can’t live without.

I know nothing is inevitable in life and of course our life itself is not really certain however there are few things that we get dependant upon and it’s very hard to realize what would have happened if those things will not exist in our life.

However I believe that we try really hard to keep those things or those persons in our life and because nothing is inevitable,we tend to replace them with something else.

So enough of blabbering and now get right in to the actual post where I e sharing those 5 things that I can’t live without:

1. My kajal/kohl pencil:

Yes you heard me right it is that black pencil however since my childhood I was obsessed with this one product and never thought my life absolutely without it. If there is only one feature that I love about myself,that is certainly my eyes and I love them Kohl rimmed.

2. My Phone:

I don’t think that I have to even explain this.

3. My sense of humor/intellect:

I am proud of it (low key narcissist) and can’t think of being alive without those.

4. Desire:
Don’t you think it is that desire to have something or something to happen make us live everyday!!!

I desire a loads of things and meaning them to fulfill.

5. My loved people:

The people who make me feel love myself everyday and help me to understand who I am. These are the people who helps to have that positive vibes without which I am not even exist.

So here is my list. Do you feel the same.

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also I hope you are enjoying my daily blog posts under the Sweet November Blog Post Challenge.Let me know how can I improve my posts too.

Thanks for all the love you are showing.

Signing out!