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Keratin Hair Spa at home ft.Trichup Keratin Shampoo & Hair Mask

Hello Polo’s Poppins!

Hope you all are safe and sound.

If you ask me what is that one thing I am missing the most during this unprecedented time, I would definitely say that it is my regular visit to salon for my hair spa.

Although the world is slowly coming back to normal or “new normal” and everything started opening up including salons, however I don’t feel safe to visit one yet.

Me including my hair was definitely missing that intensive spa sessions and honestly it was getting dry, frizzy and unmanageable ( thank god I didn’t really have to step out). At that moment, like a boon I got my hands on Trichup Keratin Shampoo and Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask.

I am using this combo twice a week since the time I received them and definitely they changed my hair game.

In this blog post, I will tell you about my spa experience with both the products and how I(my hair) feel about them.

Lets start with the spa experience:

Step 1:

Light a candle and play zen music on your alexa!

Step 2:

Run the shower and wet your hair. I like to use steamy water for my shower.

Pro Tip: Recently I have started combing my hair with a neem comb before shower. It actually lessens the chance of hair getting tangled during the while shower routine that means less hair fall.

Step 3:

Take a coin size amount (based on your hair volume and length) of the shampoo on your palm and start lather them up. I was satisfied to see how richly this Trichup Keratin Shampoo is lathering considering it being absolutely free of all the baddies (parabens, SLES, dioxane)

Massage this gently on the scalp and length of your hair.

This shampoo is rich in Keratin which is the natural protein hair shafts are made of however it gradually lessens down leaving the hair dry and frizzy.

It has not very thick or not very liquid consistency. Rinsing also makes it super easy.

Step 4:

After rinsing the hair, squeeze the water thoroughly and towel dry your hair. I like to section my hair roughly.Then take dollop of Trichup Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask and apply it throughout the hair strands. It can be used from the root to the tip.After applying massage it thoroughly. It feels so relaxing due to its beautiful fragrance.Then make a bun and leave it for 15-20 mins. In the due time you can utilise your time doing other things.

Step 5:

Dip a towel in the hot water and Tue it on the hair like a turban. This helps the hair shaft cuticle to open up and product penetrate through the hair better.

The mask is very creamy and applies very nicely because of its buttery consistency.

Also the mask ia not sticky which is so easy to rinse off.

This mask also contains keratin as the shampoo which is a win win for my color treated hair which was getting damaged due to not getting enough moisture.

This combo adds right amount of hydration without weighing the hair down .It imparts shine, volume, and manageability to hair.I love to play with my hair because of how it smells and how beautiful it looks. Hair feels smooth and silky and no need of using any styling tool to set my hair.

Continuous use of this combo prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage.And the best thing is that it is suitable for all hair types.

Other added pros:

The Trichup keratin Shampoo and Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask is manufactured by Vasu Healthcare.They have 40 years of excellence & the products are available in 40+ countries.It is Made In India, cruelty free, halal certified and dermatologically tested.

Also the price point is amazing considering the quality of the product.

The products are available on


● Keratin Shampoo:
● Keratin Mask:


● Keratin Shampoo:
● Keratin Mask:

I highly recommend this duo if you want to revive your damaged hair and get salon like experience at home.

Disclaimer: The products shown here are sent by the brand but all my opinions are true to my experience and honest.

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Pink Lippistory- Swatchitall

Hey Polo’s Poppins!How are you all doing?Hope you all are sage and sound and definitely adjusting to the new normal.
Today I thought of sharing my favourite bright and dark pink lipsticks with you all under my ‘Swatchitall” series.
As we are in September,and almost knocking on the fall season, these will be quite ideal to rock. Yes I am sure you will put lipsticks even under the mask if you are a lippi junkie like me. And ofcourse for those WFH video calls too.
So without any more delay let’s see those shades.I have kept the range from affordable to expensive and out of the six,two are bullets and rest are liquid lippis.And somehow few of them look very similar too.

Wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick in the near fuschia

This was a gift from a friend from her US trip and cheap AF. As the name suggests it has a silky finish,hella pigmented,last really long being a creamy lipstick but the only con is this one is not at all transfer proof.As I am not a creamy lipstick lover,I wouldn’t have bought it myself but the shade is beautiful hence I like to wear it. It is a blue based bright fuschia pink which makes everything bright as soon as you apply it.

Sephora collection colour lip last lipstick raspberry

One thing I just love this lipstick.From the formula to the shade I love everything about this.It is matte,yet very comfortable on the lips,stays out for more than 5-6 hours. It is also a blue based fuschia pink but not as bright as the earlier one. It has a light purple undertone which makes it really wearable.If you haven’t tried this range from Sephora,it is the high time that you must.

Lakme 9 to 5 weightless matte mousse lip and cheek color plum feather

Whoa!That was mouthful. But this lipstick is ditto to its name. It is weightless,very moussey texture, has velvet finish, comfortable on the lips, pigmented,has velvet like texture,stays out for really really long and ofcourse works wonderfully as a blush.This one is a beautiful poppy pink shade with red undertone which looks beautiful on fair to medium skintone.Buy it here

Kylie cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick jordy

This is part of their lip kit and comes with a matching lip pencil. The formula is amazing.Glides just like velvet,leaves velvet finish, super pigmented and last quite long. Very minimal transfer and has a delicious fragrance.It is also q bright poppy watermelon kinda pink shade and definitely brighter than the earlier one.

Stila stay all day liquid lipstick aria

Stilla makes one of the best liquid lipstick formula out there. The formula is supremely matte yet comfortable and non drying. Stays for more than 8 hours. Beautiful pigmentation. This is a beautiful mauvy pink shade with a dark purple undertone and looks quite goth with dark eyes.

Sephora collection cream lip stain liquid lipstick cherry nectar

I have featured this range earlier too on my page and it can say that how much I love this formula. It feels like lip cream because of moussey, creamy , comfortable formula but stays on like a traditional liquid lipstick.Beautiful color payoff.This one is a pink with bright magenta undertone which looks beautiful on every skin tone.I hope you find this blog helpful.Let me know if you have any one of this pink lippis and and you love th just like I do!Happy reading!!Untill next time,Polo♥️♥️

Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Favorite Fragrances

Hello Polo’s Poppins!

Today I am here to share with you my favourite fragrances at the moment. Although I don’t have fetish for perfumes,but who dosen’t want to stay fresh all day long and I believe body mists come very handy for that.

When it comes to body mist,how can it be anything but The Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist.

If there is one product that you must try (although I will suggest everything being the crazy lover),it should be the FFM.

They have amazing range and fragrances to choose from.

I will share my general review about them and then will talk about the specific variants and their details.

Here is the current fragrances that I am using from them.


Their packaging is not fancy yet very simple,clean and appealing to me. The FFM comes in slim acrylic clear bottle with securely closed caps.Every variety has their signature print on them which I love. Also the spray is amazing and hassle free and the name Fine Mist is definitely justified. Will come to the fragrance part in a bit


They are sold at Rs.1295/- but currently They are at a discount and are sold at Rs.649/-

Would advice you to grab them now when they are on such discounted price.


As they are fragrance mist they don’t last as a perfume but last for a decent amount of time. They last on me close to 4 to 5 hours which is a little issue for me as I am okay to reapply them .

Pro Tip:Layer the fragrance from same family to make them last longer.

Also longevity of fragrances is very subjective based on one’s body warmth and everything and I am kinda unlucky in there.

Also always spray in the pulse points to make it last long.

The name FFM definitely justifies here due to the variety in fragrance and how beautiful they are.

Now coming to the details of the two varieties.Stqrting with the most favourite one:

A thousand wishes is a cult favourite of everyone’s and it is definitely no exception for me.

Brand describes the scent as

A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto crème

I can describe it is mix of sweet,not so sweet to the point it gives headache,and musky and amazing for summer to make you feel fresh.

And I totally agree to that ‘festive blend’ expression as from the packaging to the fragrance it gives such a festive feeling.

Gingham is there signature collection.

Brand describes the scent as

A fresh blend of bright florals & a hint of sweet citrus. Notes of blue freesia, sweet clementine & soft violet petals.

This one is definitely feresh and happy scent. This one is sweeter than the other one and I only can describe it as a girly one. (Disclaimer- I don’t believe to associate anything with gender however it makes it easy to explain the fragrance which is otherwise difficult).

I like to spray this one on the days which are not too sweaty. Nonetheless if you are fan of floral and fruity scent,you will definitely love this one.

PS. They also have travel size one for this FFM which makes it super convenient.


Bath and body works products are easily available in India now both online and offline.

They have their own website and they are also available on Nykaa.

Also they have their stores in few cities like Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai.

Buy Gingham Fine Fragrance Mist

Buy A Thousand Wishes Fine Fragrance Mist

Don’t forget to get them now at an amazing discount.

Here it is. Let me know if you have used these products and do you like them like I do.

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Polo’s Trash- Part 2

Hey Polo’s Poppins!

So I am here again with my trash and this time it’s makeup.So these are some of the products that I took years and months to empty and some of them are just expired so can’t use them any more.
You will agree that it takes way extra time to go over a makeup product  than skincare, haircare or body care.
And I am kinda proud that I was able to use them up.
So without further a do let’s digg in!

Let’s talk about the empties first as there are only two products that were expired before I actually empty them completely:

1. Loreal Matte Magique 12 H foundation

I just loved this one so much and felt so upset when they discountinued it. But the new infallible matte one has very similar texture and feel to it and I am not mad at all.♥️

2. Maybelline BB Cream

It was my holi grail after the Garnier bb cream back in the day however I slowly moved out from the bb cream phase. This one actually gave a light coverage and glow however over the years my skin became oilier from its normal type and I found bb creams started looking quite greasy.But this one is really an amazing BB cream if you are looking for one.♥️

3. NYX Lip Cream

My first ever Sephora purchase and I loved it a lot. Although it’s not a long lasting one however loved the creamy texture and whipped consistency. I featured it in my best of NYX post too.
You can read it here ♥️

4. Loreal Infallible Gel Crayon 24H Eye Pencil

This one was a pretty good gel eye pencil. Very black,glides on smoothly and smudge proof. Only problem I faced was it started breaking a lot as soon as I sharpen it at the end. Otherwise a great one and definitely recommend.♥️

5. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation

Absolutely despise this one. Heard so many good things about this one when it was initially launched but didn’t do anything for me. Neither I was able to apply it with brush or sponge and if I was using my hand it never blended well. Very disappointing one and I used it just like a cream to finish it off.💔

6. Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Liner

Another disappointing wrongly raved about product.The formula was so thin and watery that you need to layer several time to get opaque payoff. And then it used to peel off weiredly. Also the formula was not water proof or resistant hence not long lasting. And it flakes up and gather under the eyes which is not a cute look. Over all not at all a liner that you look upto.💔

Now coming to the products which are not absolutely empty but expired:

7. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation:

Everyone and their mother’s love this foundation. So it dosen’t need any introduction. I used this for three years but definitely couldn’t finish this. This time I decided to get the smaller size as I don’t use foundation everyday and don’t end up using them up.♥️

8. Oriflame One Brown Liner:

I was a loyal Oriflame user back in my college and even my wedding trousseau wa also Oriflame beside lakme and maybelline. A nice kajal liner and a tinsy minsy was left before it got expired.♥️

So here is it. Will share some more empties pretty soon.
Let me know if you have used any of these products and likes them.

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Polo’s Trash- Part 1

Hey Poppins!

Today I am here to share my skincare,haircare and bodycare empties with you all. These are the products I have used up in the past 6 months or so. As much as Iove hauls and buying new staffs, emptying a product too gives me satisfaction.

Most of these products I absolutely love and either repurchased or will repurchase. However few of them i regret to buy.

Let’s see which are hell yeah or heavens no for me.

1. Loreal pure clay mask is purely a hell yeah for me. I spoke about this one way to many times on all my socials and definitely will purchase once I am done with som of my other detox masks.

2. Juicy Chemistry rosehip oil was pure love and I love to use it during winter as a serum. It feels bit heavy during summer on my oily/combination skin.

3. TBS body yoghurt dose not need any intro as it’s my all time favourite body moisturizer in summer.

4. Plum Vienna coffee body scrub was a okay one for me. It was very moisturizing however not felt enough scrubby/ too gentle for my liking.

5. Innisfree skin revital mist was a freebie and I didn’t like it that much. Will be a pass from my side

6. The face shop chia seeds hydrating toner was a freebie and amazing for my oily skin. Although they discountinued this particular one, however will repurchase the new hydrating toner once I go through my stock.

7. The face Shop all clear cleansing water was a hell yeah and loved it to bits. However I want to go over my stash and try some new cleanser before I repurchase this one.

8. Aroma magic skin toner was not favourite so goes to heavens no.

9.Kama ayurveda rose mist is pure love and ordered during nykaa hot pink sale already.

10. Jeva rose water mist is very comparable to the Kama one at q fraction of cost.

11. St. Botanica pro keratin argan oil shampoo was quite good for my dry, freezy and chemical treated hair. But I have never ever used same shampoo back to back honestly. Using the conditionar from the same range and loving that a lot.

Currently using a different shampoo and review that one soon.

12. Loreal serie expert primrose oil is the serum that I have used since two years and loved it a lot. Its a hell yeah from me.

13. B Blunt weather protection cream was perfect for my hair untill I coloured it. So it will be heavens no from my side.

14. Loreal total repair serum is the one product in this list that I regret buying.It never ever suitable for my hair and makes my hair fall problem extreme. It is a hard pass for me and heavens no.

So here is the list guys. Let me know if you have used these products and how did you feel about them.

Will come with my makeup empties pretty soon.

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Recommendations-Part 2

Hey Poppins!

As promised her is the part 2 of the sale recommendation.This post is all about skincare. As the makeup products, these are all tried and tested to the ‘T’ that some of them are only one use left and some them are empty and I will repurchase.

So here are they:


I have not kept any face wash here simply because I am currently using the Himalaya Fresh Start and they don’t have any deal.I just finished my rice water bright face wash from the face shop.It is for any skin type .

Here I am recommending the Pond’s Micellar Water which is a very good cleanser for regular use. Rermoves makeup without stripping off your skin.

Or for any stubborn and full face of makeup you can give Rice water bright cleansing oil try.


Initially I thought Pixi will be on a great deal hence I added the glow Tonic which is a exfoliating toner however I dint see that available on Nykaa now. But you can read the review here

If you want to try a cellulose based physical exfoliator then definitely get the innisfree wine peeling jelly softner

I have Plum e luminance nourishing toning water to recommend as well which although says for dry skin type however perfectly working for my oily skin as well. Very hydrating toner and face feels soft after applying it.

And last but not the least the Kama Ayurveda rose mist. It’s a must have if you love roses and mist.

Serum and creams:

Again although I wanted to include PIXI overnight glow serum but it’s not on any deals.

But you definitely can try the new white seed range from the face shop which is amazing.


I am a clay mask junkie and love the detox ones over anything else.

Get the loreal one or innisfree one.Both are amazing.

So head over to and add these to your cart and happy shopping.

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Recommendations-Part 1

Hey Polo’s Poppins!

The most awaited sale time is finally here. Nykaa the largest online platform for everything beauty is going to have a huge sale starting from 23rd to 27th July. They will have sale upto 40% on makeup,skincare,haircare, appliances and what not.

So here I am with my recommendations of makeup, that you can definitely buy from Nykaa during their hot pink sale.

These are the products that I absolutely love and you also need them in your life. This is also helpful for a lot of beginners who are just starting out their makeup journey.

I have some drugstore, affordable and some high end products here with me.

And I tried to recommend products from each category like foundations ,powders, lipsticks etc.

I already have some of them reviewed in details either on my blog or instagram so I will link them here for your reference.

I will also share the buying link with you so that you can directly go on their website and check.

So what are you waiting for!

Let’s go…


Here are my absolute favourite foundations which are all from drugstore and amazing for oily to combination skin.

The first two are from the house of L’oreal India and you can check the reviews here 👇

Loreal true match super blendable foundation

Loreal infallible pro matte foundation

And the other one is Lakme 9 to 5 primer+matte perfect cover foundation


What can I recommend other than Maybelline age rewind eraser eye dark circles concealer!

It’s a magic in a tube. And does what the name suggests.A must grab.


I can’t recommend Maybelline fit me loose powder enough. It is finely milt,blends perfectly without making the skin dry or cakey and set the makeup in a beautiful way. Must have for any makeup lovers.

Setting Spray:

So MAC fix+is the colgate of the setting spray.It is so popular and hyped that makeup junkies refer any setting spray as fix+ only and once you start using it you will be able to understand why. It preps before makeup and sets after makeup. It helps to refresh in between makeup too. Every penny spent on this baby is worth it. Grab this one during the sale for sure.

Blush and Highlighter:

Wet n wild is a brand that’s affordable , beginners friendly and delivers high quality products. Most of their products are hits to me and if I need to recommend their products,then their color icon blush is to die. Amazing color payoff, good blendabability and buttery smooth texture.Grab them before they go out of stock.And the other product is megaglo highlighting powder and I will recommend the shade precious petals if you are between NC 40 to NC 45. One word it’s blinding.I insist you all to get this one for sure.


You can definitely get any of the Maybelline mascaras as they know the lash game to be honest. I recommend personally the colossal volume express for regular feathery look and for more drama get their lash sensational one. You will love them for sure.


Check out my post on best of NYX cosmetics to know about the brow product.


I have kept matte lipsticks here.i highly recommend MAC retro matte liquid lipcolour which is my absolute favourite matte liquid formula or if you want little morr comfortable try their new launch MAC powder kiss liquid lipcolour

From the drugstore I would like you to try Maybelline super stay matte ink liquid lipstick. Once it dose not budge untill you remove it with any oil based cleanser. They also have amazing shade range.

Last but not the least I have Nykaa matteilicious lip crayon.To understand why I love them you can check out this blog post

All right that’s it. These are my recommendations and I would love to know what you want me to buy from the hot pink sale. Comment down with your recommendation.

Will be posting part 2 which will be skincare recommendations,so stay tuned.

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.

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Red Lippistory- Swatchitall

Hola Polo’s Poppins,

Hope you all are staying safe and sound at home.

Today I bring to you a new series “Swatchitall” where I will swatch a particular shades of lippis or group of lippis from my stash and I will give mini review of each.

So what is better to start the series with my red lippi collection.

I was not a red lipstick person a few years back however slowly I developed my liking for the red shade and collected a few of them. Its still a very small collection and I am eyeing a few more classic shades of red which I will add to my stash really soon.

So here I present my tinsy minsy red lipstick collection.

Nykaa Matteilicious-Call Me Scarlet:

This is my first proper red lipstick.

If you are my OG followers you know that these are my absolute favourite lip crayon. You can read the detailed review of them and why I love this formula here

Call me scarlet is rich red shade with very warm undertone and flatters all types of skin tones.

You can buy it here

Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick -Mishti:

As the name suggests it’s really a mishti shade. Inspired by kolkata,this is a blue red and has pink undertone. It pulls as a bright poppy pink on fair skintone and flatters fair to medium skintone. It might washes out the darker skintone.

The formula differs from shade to shade in this particular range. Especially the minis are less pigmented.

You can buy it here

Sephora Cream Lip Stain- 01:

My all time favourite lip formula. The shade is bright blue based Red and flatters most of the skintone. I got it as a lip bundle with other three minis.

You can buy it here

Maybelline Super Stay 14H Lipstick – Enduring Ruby

I think maybelline discontinued this particular product from there super stay range and this was one range that was first proper long stay lipstick for me and I had a lot of shaded from them. Enduring ruby is a rich red shade with warm maroon undertone. It is suitable for medium skintone.

MAC Ruby Woo:

I don’t think I am the last to get this lipstick and it doesn’t need any introduction. A warm blue based Red shade flattering to almost all skintones.

You can buy it here

Cathydoll One Swipe Demi Matte Lip Crayon-07 Jealous

Cathydoll is a very popular brand asian brand based in Thailand and picked up this baby during my Thailand trip two years back.Its a very bright red and can be described as true red. Has a warm undertone and can be flattering for fair to medium skintone.

Here are the swatches of all the lippis mentioned

I hope you find this blog helpful.Let me know if you like red lippis and have you used any of these?

Happy reading!!

Untill next time,


Disclaimer: All the products shown here are bought and used by myself. All are my personal opinion and not intended to bash any brand or anyone’s choice.

Some of the links shared by me are affiliated. Clicking on which will yield some commission to me without you paying any extra penny from your pocket.


NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Brights Review

Today I am reviewing the NYX Ultimate Palette- Brights. I bought this palette a couple of days ago and it’s actually my only brightly coloured palette I have at this moment in time. You get 16 shades for £16. There are no shade names unfortunately but I have swatched the shadows, one swipe on my […]

NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Brights Review

In continuation of my post,check out review of this amazing palette by my fellow blogger. Show some love to her too.


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Best of Beauty- NYX Cosmetics

Hello,Polo’s Poppins!Starting the second phase with a brand new series “Best of Beauty”.In this series I am going to talk about a specific brand that I absolutely love. Also I will showcase the products those are my favourites from the brand,will share reviews of those products with swatches and applications.I am going to cover both make-up and skincare in this series.I will be curating this series as a guide for the beginners who are starting their journey in the beauty world. I am sure this posts are going to help you all to choose the products in otherwise overwhelming makeup world.Also the brand’s will be mostly available in India and easily accessible.

Begining this series with one of my favourite drugstore brands which is made in LA however now widely available in Indian market both online and offline.They have amazing product library which are affordable and of amazing quality.Following are the products that I have used from this brand so far.

Total Control Drop Foundation

Packaging: It comes in frosted glass bottle and dropper packaging.Where the packaging is user friendly, the glass bottle makes it bit inconvenient to travel with.

Consistency: As the name suggests, the foundation is quite runny and liquidy in consistency.

Coverage: It gives sheer to medium coverage based on your need and the dropper packaging makes it convenient. The instruction on how many drops to use to get desired coverage, comes on the outer cardboard package. It can be layered up and made full coverage. However it might look slightly heavier if the skin is prepped accordingly.

Shade Range: It has 30 different shades ranging from fair to deep skin tone with warm,neutral and cool undertone. However in India only 12 to 14 shades are available considering the Indian skin tone which is more warm and olive. You will be able to find your shade quite easily.

I chose the shade 08- true beige which
is a warm tone medium yellow shade. It is a tad bit light for my skin tone during summer but matches me perfectly in the winter.

Blendability: It blends like a dream and I prefer to use kabuki brush over a sponge with this foundation. As sponge tend to soak up a lot of product incase of this foundation because it’s too liquid.

Finish: It leaves a soft matte finish which I love and perfect for summer. It is suitable for most of the skin type however I love it particularly for my oily to combination skin type.

Longevity: It is perfect for everyday use. Stays put for more than 5 hours without any touch up.

Price point: 0.43oz./13ml.product is priced at Rs. 1250/- in India however you can always get this at great discounts online.

Polo’s verdict: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buy it here

Perfect Filter Eyeshadow Palette:

There are some amazing Eyeshadow palattes that NYX makes,and I have the perfect filter palette from them.

These variant comes in three shades and I chose the one with warm antique tones which are towards oranges and reds named “Rustic Antique”.

They have 10 shadows with 4 mattes 1 shimmer and 5 satin shades.

Price: These palettes are priced at Rs.1500/- and the palettes consists of 10 pans which are larger than any regular palettes pan sizes. Also this palettes always go on sale which is a great time to grab them.

Texture, blendability and pigmentation:

These shadows are very smooth and buttery texture. The shadows are very soft. Few of the matte shades have little to no fallout. Due to its creamy texture,you can even see how the pans got dents.

The shadows are super bendable,pigmented and dose not go patchy whatsoever. They also can be built up very easily without looking patchy.



This is a very simple warm smokey eye look done with 2,5,6,8,10 shades.

Polo’s verdict:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buy it here

Micro Brow Pencil:

This is one of the best brow pencil that I have ever used.


It comes in a twist up pencil form and has a spoolie at one hand which comes very handy.

Texture, pigmentation:

It has not too creamy and not waxy kind of texture which is perfect for any brow product. The pigmentation is also very buildable which I like about any brow product.

Shape and size:

The pencil as the name suggests is micro brow that means it is very thin. This makes it convenient to draw individual brow hair with strokes. Absolutely amazing product for the bushy/feathery brows that’s in vogue right now.


It is priced at Rs. 875/- and although only two shades are available espresso and brunette, because it is not highly pigmented,it works wonderfully.


Buy it here

Suede Matte Lip Liner:

NYX makes some beautiful lip liners. They have retractable and wood ones.However I love the suede matte lip liner a lot.


It has very smooth texture. Applies without any tug or pull.


The liners have good pigmentation which makes it very easy to line the lips and fill it accordingly.


It gives a soft matte finish which is very comfortable on the lips.


Stays put for quite long hours.Makes the lipstick last long too.

I like to apply the lipstick on the lips which is already filled with lip liner. This helps to avoid the whole ‘butt hole’ lip situation.

Shade range:

Comes in great variety of shades. Mostly are matching with its suede matte liquid lipsticks.


They are priced at Rs. 450/- which is quite affordable when it comes to its quality.

Polo’s verdict:⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

Buy it here here

Liquid Lipisticks/Lip Creams:

NYX has an array of lipisticks and lipcreames.

They started with all soft matte lip cream rage.

SMLC was copied by Ms. Claire to the T. It has very moussy texture and very comfortable on the lips. Gives soft matte velvet finish as the name suggests.Has very medium pigmentation and dose not last long as any typical liquid lipsticks. Has amazing shade range inspired by some famous capital cities.

Polo’s verdict-⭐⭐⭐

Buy it here

The lip lingerie on the other hand are the range of liquid lipisticks which has an array of nudes ranging from different undertone. The name is just perfect for that. The texture is again very moussy,very light, comfortable,quite opaque and last longer than the SMLCs. I love this range and sadly Nykaa is not stocking on their websites.

Polo’s verdict:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Suede matte liquid lipcreams are on the other hand much more opaque and long lasting than other two. The consistency and the formula is very similar to any typical lip creams. However I prefer the lip lingeries a tad bit more.

Polo’s verdict:⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

Buy it here

Although I have used the single blush from them but I did not like it that much.

I would also like to try out some more products from the brand. Put your recommendation in the comment down below.

Also let me know which brand you want to see next in this series. I would love to do that for you.

After such a long gap,I am posting this blog. Hope to see some shower of love.

Happy reading!!

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