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Sweet November Blog Post Challenge🍂-Day 1

November 16

Hey Polo’s Poppins!

In today’s post I am going to share five random facts about me. Not sure if these are interesting enough however this is how I am .

I am an emotional fool…

I have extreme emotions.This makes me love someone deeply,hate someone like anything and of course getting mad at someone ferociously.

But the fact is only the closest most person can see me in my extreme state. Duh!!

I am big time foodie….

I love to eat. I am sure anyone can guess that by seeing me. Otherwise where that fat comes from.

I have knack of trying new cuisines and types of food. I like to analyze anything new that I am having which helps me to try new recipes.

I am very possessive….

Yes I am possessive about everything that I love,be that a person or a thing.

So it sometimes get really difficult to let go things you know!

I am very lazy person….

Truly I am that person who love lazing on a couch the whole day by binge watching YouTube or Netflix or finish reading a book.

This habit developed due to my mom who spoilt me by pampering through out my life even now at the age of 32.

I am a stickler….

I am hardcore rule follower and implementer if that’s even a word. I like my world revolving around on an orbit. I don’t like any uncertainty. In like to go with flow.

Please do the needful underestimate me as a boring person though!

I am really fun to be with you know.

That’s it!

This is me in a nutshell…

Let me know if anyone is twinning with me.

Also if you want to know more about me,I can share some more facts about me.

Let’s chat in the comment section.

Signing off!



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